Wednesday, September 24, 2003

while i'm waiting for my sales office to get back with me i'll follow up on some things and a quick update.

first things first, my bro. we called their house thursday evening and got the machine. "hey guys, we're going to bed about 8:30 so if you get home after that we'll be home sunday and you can try calling us then. thanks and see ya later." sunday night, one of them, susan, calls shayna's cell phone leaving the message "hi, we're just trying to get in touch with you guys so we can talk. give us a ring when you have a chance." ok dummy, if you want to talk to US, call a phone that both of us can be on at the same time. seriously. now then, we haven't tried calling because - a. shayna's been sick the last two days and b. i have a stopped up/runny nose and therefore would prefer not to talk to anyone. actually right now not only do i have the nose thing but a headache from sniffling so much. bah, i hate the temperature change in september. example, today? high of 80. tomorrow? high of 68. yesterday morning? 45. 6:30 am this morning? 70. anyway, moving along...

the nashville concert? beyond belief. i think i peed my pant multiple times. let's see, open with 41, everyone loves granny. nancies was a first timer for me and it was awesome. warehouse, always a crowd pleaser. bartender was every bit as good as the sandstone show. jimi thing with mike durham knocked my sox off. rhyme & reason good. help myself, actually caught the whole song this time and i loved it. then the ultimate prize, two step with futch and jeff coffin. when jeff was blaring away i was dancing the night away, thinking "i'm from the kc, home of the jazz, gotta represent! go feet go!" and i'm pretty sure that shayna was embarrassed. hehe.

on saturday we went to the country music hall of fame and it was really neat. however a somber moment struck me when we got to the rotunda with all the bronze plaques of the inductees. we got to johnny cash's and it was draped in black with roses around it. and there was a book on a little table with a sign that read "feel free to send your condolences to the cash family." it just really hit me that he was gone and i'd never have the opportunity to see him live.

and then we got home. shayna picked up some devil yesterday morning. i have yet to give it a listen but i heard a few songs off of the dave & timmy cd that came with it. grey street, when the world ends, & stay or leave. i have absolutely fallen in love with stay or leave. it's a sad song but it sounds so sweet. anyway, i have to get comfortable with the idea of *dm* album before i can actually listen to it. heh, i might never listen to it! anyhoo, that's it for now.

the chiefs are on the warpath! go chiefs go!
war chiefs going 4-0. out.


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