Monday, November 10, 2003

9-0! 9-0! hot damn the chiefs are 9-0!

and angel berroa is american league rookie of the year. whew. what a week so far.

now let's talk about this dumbass chad johnson guaranteeing a victory for the bengals this weekend. i thought he was a dumbass last year when he did this and i think he's a dumbass now. they barely beat the texans and five minutes after the game he's saying and i quote "We will win -- that's a guarantee," Chad Johnson said. "It's no offense to their organization. It's just the way I feel. Some people might not like it, but I'm confident that my teammates won't leave me hanging.

"It should be the game of the week, the undefeated team against the new-era Bengals."

please, don't make me laugh - ha. ha. ha. seriously? yeah i'm worried about the bengals but dude is writing checks his ass can't cash. if you play for the bengals you shouldn't be saying those kind of things.

and that's that. oh, and shayna makes THE best carrot cake. hands down. no contest.


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