Thursday, October 9, 2003

let me tell ya something - work is really hard to enjoy when your boss is constantly breathing down your neck and checking on every little thing you do. if she micromanaged any more, we'd all be copying her in on every single email we send. it's so frustrating to try to work and in the back of your mind be thinking "she'll probably check to make sure this is right." it just makes it hard to trust yourself to do it right. like anything i do she'll make a point to find something wrong with it.

on a lighter note, the wedding's about set. and if i'm reading my paycheck right, i have a balance of around 150 hours of vacation. that's an enormous amount of time so i might just be taking a few more days off around the wedding that i hadn't originally planned for. gotta call hr tomorrow and find out about that. oh, and what else.

oh! we're getting roadrunner tomorrow! yippee! heh, so in case dmb is on real again i could actually watch it. and if we want to download a song we won't have to start it in the morning and wait until we get home. ah the possibilites are endless.

on that note, think i'm gonna go to bed. working overtime this week means waking up at 5 am. bleh. i've been exhausted every night. so that's that. 22 days! and only 13 or 14 until vacation!


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