Thursday, September 25, 2003

living proof that anyone can manage-

i'm flipping through some emails in the back of a file and there's one in here from the then-eastern-territory-lead-now-western-territory-supervisor to the cleveland office. anyway, she types "*are* manual doesn't give an appropriate schedule." and "...when two classes *are* involved." and "there is a two line sentence in *are* manual..."

ok. seriously. you have to be shitting me. how does someone like that get hired, let alone promoted to supervisor, where something like typing and communication via email is necessary?

well, we are talking about the same person who always says "thems the ones that...." maybe shayna's grammar pet peeve is finally rubbing off on me. it seems like management is pissing me off day by day. i cannot wait until i get out of this damn department.


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