Saturday, May 15, 2004

but we'll try
best as we can
to carrrrry on!

a band of angels appeared above my head
they sang to me this song of hope
and this is what they said
they said come sail away!
come sail away come sail away with me!

word dennis deyoung.

i had an interview wednesday for a promotion at work. i was all stressing out friday over it. and today, well i can't say anything yet but let's just say we might not be living in the ghettolark hill much longer. thank goodness. sort of. i have a lot of history here. my first apartment by myself. a lot of parties with friends. and a lot of arguments with friends. one or two girls, this apartment is hardly a chick lair. the old apartment might take on new meaning to myself. not so sure about shayna. she's above this place being princess of the world and what not. alright, i'm gonna go sail away with styx.



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