Monday, October 25, 2004

so my boss just came by and said this to me and my co-worker "i would've sent you both, but we need someone here. and bob, you mentioned that you could go that earlier week (today i presume, i distinctly recall saying that i could go whenever he wanted me to but whatever) and that's why i called you first."

interesting. here's the email that i sent to him THE day that he asked who could go-
Alright, approval has been given to go (as long as I'm here on the 1st of November). Ideally I'd like rather go the 2nd instead of the 25th, be there the 2nd-5th and the 15th-19th, but you do what you gotta do. Keep me posted.

i guess "do what you gotta do" means "even though i said i can go whenever you need me to please don't send me on the 25th." i understand that yes, we need someone here. that part makes sense, but i was the FIRST person to say "take me! take me!"

so now i pose the question, am i overreacting? or should i be saying take this job and shove it?


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