Thursday, November 1, 2001

couple more things since i'm thinking about them. first thing, the anthrax they found here last night is nowhere near me. i'm on the west side, its on the northeast side (by worlds of fun, little north of the stadiums). not to mention, its some sort of a cancellation notice center or something of that nature. nonetheless, they say there's no cause for alarm for the general public. good deal. second thing, my brothers went to catholic school up until high school, i only went there for preschool and kindergarten. they never, EVER got all saints day off. yes, its a holy day of obligation, but not a huge one like christmas or easter or ascension for that matter. point is i drive by holy cross catholic school every morning on my way to work. today there's no cars out front, the poe-lice are there though monitoring the school speed zone. anyway, the little brats that go there apparently got all saints day off. we got screwed. thats all for now.


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