Tuesday, November 6, 2001

so here's how my morning gone. i wake up. i'm missing shayna real bad. she calls me. i'm blogging. i get done with that and she's still on the phone. then i decide to check my stats. only the stupid ignorant piece of crap website won't take my password (see below). since i'm trying to get this stupid thing done BEFORE shayna gets to work so i have more time to talk to her i'm really concentrating on the damn thing. THEN SHE HANGS UP ON ME. anyone who comes by my desk has been snarled at and i feel bad. ugh. i'm stressing hardcore. did i mention the hugeass stacks of papers on my desk? one has to be filed, no big deal. it's the other one that pisses me off. it's licensing. for kansas insurance the agents get this big 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper stating what they can sell. well i have to send it off to hartford so they can enter into their system so they can get paid. here's the thing, these dumbass brokers ALWAYS send hartford the wallet size. so what does that mean? i have an ENORMOUS pile of licensing paperwork that i need to go through, call each broker and tell them if they want to be appointed in kansas then they need to send me the big license. so what do they do? "kansas doesn't send those out anymore." like hell they don't! i saw one last week that was issued in august. dumbasses. the bottom line, this is why it gets so big. because. i. hate. calling. them. oh, and i just got off the phone with shayna. let's just say, i understand now, and we've come to a mutual agreement that next time i shall be forewarned. heh. okay, i'm a little bit better now. think i'll get rid of the filing pile now. bye.


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