Monday, November 5, 2001

i. hate. mondays. they suck. i feel like crap. i want to go home and crawl into bed. having said that, here's how the weekend went. as some of you may know, my buddy from houston, nicky urbano was in town friday night. i HAD made plans to go out, but something came up. i get home and am actually about to pour my first drink and my buddy jed stops by. well we sit around and drink, shoot the shit, etc. the whole time i'm debating whether to go out or not. about an hour goes by and jed's on the phone with a mystery person. it turned out to be another of my old skool buddies wes, who NEVER goes out because he got himself a wo-man and is on a leash so tight you could freeze ice on his face. anyway, i come to find out *he's* going out with them tonight. well, that means i *have* to go out now, if wes is. so he's on his way over to my place. then scott's coming over too. damn, it felt just like the good old days. these are all guys that i hung out with my senior year of high school and we managed to always get together during the summers of college and the holidays. next thing y'know it's time to go over to colby's and meet up with him and nick. at this point, i've downed a good 2/3 of the captain morgan private stock. needless to say i was feeling pretty good without having to leave the house. translation: i stayed home due to being too drunk and the fear of yakking all over the bar and having to be carted off in an ambulance. well, he'll be back for thanksgiving. of course, shayna'll be here so i won't be nearly as drunk as i was. saturday, not too much happened. ira and chris lesko came over. ira was babysitting alyssa. she is SO adorable. we were reading an egm magazine and she kept pointing to the video game characters and saying to me "who's that?" of course, i made up a name for most of them. sunday-felt. like. crap. i was sick until the point when i went to jones to pay my bill. went to sears since i was at the mall and got a new cd case. no more cd's in the little envelopes! should've known better when i went to jones. paid the bill yeah, but i also managed to buy a polo sport long sleeved white shirt with these blue and grey stripes on it. i figured it goes great with my jeans. next stop, hy-vee. spent nearly 50 bucks on groceries. i had no food in my house. picked up some hot tamales for when shayna's here (as well as something else that i'm not at liberty to disclose at this time:)) after that, went home and made dinner. eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. i totally jakked up the hash browns and wound up throwing them out. maybe next time i'll get em right. and now, here i am, at work. i *really* can't stand mondays. for some reason they're my most hated of days. anyway, nuff bitching for now. i should probably do some work...


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