Tuesday, November 6, 2001

this is why i can't wait for my buddy dave to get my pc hooked up at home. i really wanted to blog about this last night. usually it's shayna who calls me and is missing me really bad and is a complete wreck. well last night it was me. for some reason or another (besides me missing her) i consistently kept just wanting to look into her eyes, and i also kept thinking about the first time i see her whenever or wherever i end up, be it kci, be it in front of a mexican restaurant, or in the dfw terminal parking lot, i get so excited every time i think about it. knowing that i'll see her in 16 days (yes folks, shayna-countdown has begun) makes it that much harder not to think about it. oh well, like she told me, it won't always be like this. i can't wait...


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