Tuesday, December 18, 2001

y'know what sucks? morning tv. it's gone to hell completely. first they take off charles in charge and replace it with caroline in the city, now they take off a different world and replace it with...family matters. that show is so annoying. it's funny every now and again, but it gets old real quick. why didn't they leave full house or something on? that was ten times better. oy, what a tirade. moving right along. what a weekend...

i've decided it's time to hang up my rockstar wanna-be life. yep, i'm gonna quit drinking...well for the most part. i'm not going to drink like i used to, y'know, like 15 beers on a saturday. nope maybe 3 or 4, then i'm done. if that. i also decided this morning that i'm going to quit smoking. part of this has to do with going out with my buddy ira friday. he quit drinking and smoking about 4 or 5 months ago and now has a small fortune to show for it. lord knows i need to save my money, and drinking's fun and all, but at the same time it's like a 900 number, it's just pissing away money. hehe, and i'm the cheapest man alive. anyhoo, that's all for now, i'd blog more but i have to go to the restroom. have a good tuesday everyone.


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