Thursday, January 3, 2002

so shayna's been on my ass to get some nice looking attire for her holiday party in....9 days!! yay!! i get to see my hunny in 8 days!!! anyway, the point of this is last night i went shopping. and my mom offered to go with me. now normally i'm completely against this, however, i want to look nice for my girl, so i decided it wouldn't hurt to have a woman's opinion, even if it is my mother (take that as an oedipus thing if you will, but i can assure you, that's very, very sick). it's a good thing i did have her with me because i would've just walked in and grabbed some clothes and walked right back out if she wasn't. that means i ended up getting two really nice outfits. the first one is these black/blue-gray kinda slacks deal and a white shirt. i also got a new tie to match. it's smashing!!! it's a grateful dead tie, which i didn't know they made. my mom kept looking for something psychedelic on there, but alas, nothing. next ensemble consists of these brown/black kinda slacks, very nice looking i think, and a brown-tan kinda shirt. also a nice tie was picked out for this one. basically it was like i was getting a completely new wardrobe. so next week one day i'm gonna try out the outfit that i'm wearing to the ball (heh, i feel like cinderella, hehe), outfit #1 that is, and see how it goes over. i'm gonna be so HOTT. shayna's lucky to have such a handsome boyfriend. she's gonna be showing me off like crazy. *sigh* it ain't easy being beautiful...


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