Monday, January 7, 2002

mondays suck.

so friday i got called into mike's office. jennifer was in there as well. since i had just gotten a promotion and i hadn't applied for anything internally i knew it couldn't be good. i was right. i walk in there and sit down. it went something like this. mike asks "were at the last sales meeting when i mentioned company use of email?" yes. "well the whomever did an audit and they chose this site. your email went through the roof. 302 (or along those lines) from...something called nancies? furthermore, there were some with derogatory use of the female breast." yeah, i had been getting spam from yahoo or something. after thinking about it this weekend, i think someone might have used MY company email address on some porno site. i am not stupid enough to do that, after all, there's a reason i have a junk yahoo/hotmail account i use for that reason. anyway, they told me that the IT department or whoever did the audit recommended immediate termination, however they decided not to fire me. well, gee thanks. he mentioned how it could be considered sexual harassment. true, but it's not my fault. next up, he mentions something about instant messenger and holds up a piece of paper. now a while ago when shayna and i had first started talking over im i had printed a few off. one night before i left work i printed one off, but forgot about it and left it on the printer. the next morning it wasn't there and i looked all up and down but still couldn't locate it. aha! it was in my file! yeah, you ever notice at whatever job you work at there's some dickwad out to get you? or at least that's a goody-goody? the thing that reallly pisses me off about the im thing, that was printed off sometime back in late august early september, possibly even july. mike or jennifer should've said something to me then if they thought it was a problem. the fact of the matter is that it never, ever got in the way of my job. i always have all of my tasks completed on time, and more often than not ahead of schedule. i can understand where spam coming to my work email, which i had fixed, could be a problem, but not the im. take this into account as well, i'm also still partially doing my old job. whenever jennifer needs help, i do help her to get everything done in time. "but, john, that's probably why they didn't fire you." true, but by the same token, that was also when i had im...and it didn't interfere with me getting my job done now did it?



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