Friday, February 1, 2002

here's how it goes now. since my folks still don't have power they stayed over at my place last night. they brought their sheltie, max, with them. my cat didn't take to kindly to the idea of having to share the apartment with another animal. heh. anyway, aside from that we had chili and around 9 decided to hit the hay. THEN, at precisely 10:31 p.m. cst, my power went out. no heat, no light, NOTHING. it may not sound that bad but think of it this way, no heat and it got down to 20 last night. i think ice crystals started to form on my nuts it was that bad. not to mention i went to the store yesterday (hy-vee had ground beef on sale .99/lb. word.) and picked up some grub. no refrigerator means the food might spoil. this does not get any better. all i can hope for is either MY power to come back on or my parents. definitely, without a doubt, the WORST icestorm we've ever had. it's been declared state of emergency and a disaster area. they're saying it's going to cost at least $3 million to clean this place up.

c r a z y. keep me and my family in your prayers yall. :)


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