Friday, March 1, 2002

blah blah blah. to go out or not to go out? that is the question. funny story. at least i've been laughing about it for the last few minutes. i just got off the phone with shayna and it went something like this -

shayna: i'm going out with my old coworkers tonight
me: oh. ok...
shayna: and they're all boys just so you know
me: ....uhhh....ok. (NOTE: of course i have the natural anxiety but at the same time i completely trust shayna. why? because i know she trusts me too :))
shayna: you'd like them. they like to drink...a lot.
me: wow. that makes me feel so *much* better! thank you! really! thanks! you're going to be around a bunch of drunk guys. neat.

that's kind of the equivalent of me being trapped in a room with 3 girls and all they want to do is tear my clothes off and ravage me. now women don't act like this, so we know it's inconceivable, but if it were to happen: a. i wouldn't do it because i'm mad madly in love with shayna. and b. shayna would fly off the handle if i said i'm going out with 5 girls and i'm the only guy to get really shitfaced(fortunately for me i only know 2 other girls, one of whom i never hang out with anymore).

so regardless of what i do tonight, i'm pretty sure my head will be spinning when i lay down for bed tonight. happy friday everyone!


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