Wednesday, January 14, 2004

i've been having issues lately. thinking about...well past friends i guess. two guys in particular. y'know, the two that were supposed to be ushers, essentially groomsmen in my wedding but bailed at the last minute. at the time of the wedding i thought i was cool with it. things come up and you have to do what you can. however, in retrospect, ira knew about it for months and could've stuck like 20 bucks in a cookie jar once a month and had plenty to make it down there. chris on the other hand, i'm not so sure that i should buy his story. way back in may he purchased a new truck. well supposedly the check never went through...until right before my wedding. hence he had no money to pay for gas, food, lodging, etc. kinda shady but i believed it at the time, now i'm not so sure. anyway, that's not really my issue. how long have i been married? two and a half months sound about right? in that time, only one of them has contacted me. which one you ask? ira. why you ask? he wanted me to be a reference for a job he was applying for. when i heard the voicemail i laughed. i called him back, got his voicemail, left a message. he called back but i didn't answer. i think i was playing a game or something. in his message he mentioned that he was sorry he didn't make it and that i was probably mad over that. not really, just disappointed.

but now, it's been 2 and a half months and i've been thinking about calling him and saying "hey let's go grab a beer and shoot the shit." but i'm extremely hurt that neither of them (chris lives in denver but i *KNOW* he comes to town usually once a month, sometimes twice) have made an attempt to try and call me and stop by or take me out or whatever. it should also be further mentioned that they didn't come to my bachelor party either. in chris' defense, i think tim didn't let them know until a week before, maybe two. short notice for him to get the time off, WHEN, at that moment - SO NO, NOT in his defense - he had asked for a week off for what? who's wedding? JOHN'S!!! well ain't that some shit.

i dunno. i got mad mixed feelings over this. so now, let both (the two people that read this still) of your voices be heard. let me know what you think i should do. should i be the big man and call them? or just move on and chalk these friendships up as past buddies?


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