Monday, January 5, 2004

well the holidays are over and once again i have survived. at least this time i had someone to go through it with. God bless that woman for putting up with my antics.

anyway, january 5th. i'm no longer a cna employee, but a hartford employee. and y'know what? it does indeed feel different. we still use the same systems, the same email address, everything's the same except for the company paying me, and i can tell that has changed.

also, this time of year i throw in the can't hardly wait soundtrack. why you ask? because it was quite literally the soundtrack to my first liberating winter break waaaay back in 1998. awesome winter break. i almost want to say it was the last time all of us from high school were actually here for the break. and we also had one of the all-time best parties at my buddy's house. story time!

i didn't really drink before i was 21 and i was in a horrible (that's an understatement) relationship before that break. i want to say it was may of 1998 when i finally got out. so that winter break was like me burning my bra, saying "i'm not gonna protest!" virtually every other night was spent at the brooksider, which at the time was nothing more than a hole in the wall. plus it was the only bar that served minors (and for all you do-gooders they don't do that no more). progress and selling out got the better of them. we took this picture one night (one of my pals was moving to north carolina, that's a whole 'nother story) of all of us in this booth in front of this wall...which isn't there anymore. they knocked it out and took over the next space. it's basically twice the size upstairs now. i think it might be the same downstairs now but either way, i can't really go back. it wouldn't be the same. anyway, the nights that we didn't go out i tried to get whomever i could to go out with me. if i couldn't do that then i would stay home and play legend of zelda: ocarina of time. it was big at the time y'know.

the bottom line is i get all mushy and sad and sentimental whenever i listen to this cd and it's absolutely-freeze-your-nipple-off cold outside. it just takes me back to a time that was a lot of fun and i had no cares in the world.

*sigh* well, back to work.


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