Friday, October 29, 2004

when shayna and i put our heads together the opportunities are unlimited.

as you know, we were supposed to go to new orleans for our anniversary, next weekend, but due to a financial obligation known as a house we postponed it...until now.

we both qualifed to win a trip from 97.3 but shayna couldn't listen when they started calling names so i held off going to the crapper this morning to hear names. first name they call is megan mays. after a third eye blind song megan still hadn't called. they said she qualified with the overnight dude. which means she probably got drunk and stoned last night and wasn't listening this morning. next name please! "shayna dunn. if your name is shayna dunn you have 97 seconds to call." i dial 9-706-2387 as fast as i can. two rings. "pick up your f-in phone!!!" hello? "CALL NOW! CALL NOW!" she calls, they ask if i can have many, many beads, shayna says i can have as many as i want (yeah right). the best part? kevin kietzman is going. now we can find out if he's a member of the tribe, we've been dying to know. oh, and we got tickets to the chiefs/saints game. funny how i joked about going to the game when we were originally planning the trip. anyway, i so wish i had a cassette so i could've taped it.

and i guess the actual best part is that we get to go for our anniversary just as we planned!! if i had gone to dallas this wouldn't have happened. thank you hartford management for being the best jerks an employee could ask for!

the big easy's calling and we're answering!


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