Sunday, October 1, 2006

good news on the job front (sort of) - wednesday one of the reps i work with in miami told me the lady from transguard has called him twice to get a reference on me. sweet! i'd definitely take that job - the opportunity is too great to pass out. but anyway, i'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. and like i said before, i won't be too terribly disappointed if i don't get it.

however, that same day a recruiter from the hartford's hr called me about the quality review position that is staying here. i haven't really decided that's what i want. i mean, i'm going to interview and see what they say. reason i have doubts is because via the reorg it's back in the admin branch (which they've laughably renamed "client services" from "client admin" - sorry guys, still sounds like the dog poop you get on the bottom of your shoe and can't get rid of no matter how much you scrub) and i doubt i'd get a raise because the move would probably come at the end therefore enabling me to get my retention bonus. on the other hand i'd become fully vested in my pension and i would retain my 24 days of pto. up until last year i only had 19. it's nice to have those extra 5 days because now i literally have days to burn. well, i did. now i'm using them all on interview time. so anyway, it's definitely a double edged sword.

on another note, speaking of pto, our manager got us all together on tuesday or wednesday and told us all "um, since we're heading into peak (newsflash you dumb broad, we're in peak - in case you didn't notice we've gone from 190 cases to 250 overnight, but you wouldn't know that because you never ask for our opinion even though we've done this the last two years) i cannot approve any time off requests until thanksgiving. if you have the time off already that's fine however any requests between now and then will be considered unscheduled regardless if anyone's already off." WHA??? not even ONE of us can have the day off? plus, we're losing our jobs you loudmouthed wench. we weren't given the option from our old companies to just come back whenever we want. we have to interview and pay our mortgage. needless to say at least 5 of us were on the phone with hr in the morning. when, rather if, i have an exit interview the only thing i can really complain about hli (hartford life international) is the fact that their hr is for shit. it really bothers me having to talk to someone on the phone who has no idea who i am or what i'm about. they're supposed to call me back early this week. we'll see what happens.


Blogger James said...

Yo man! Hope it all turns out ok. Hope everything else in life is going well.


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