Tuesday, August 9, 2005

sometimes i just don't understand the startegy of a radio station. 97.3 has this thing called 97@9 where they play continuous non-stop music for 97 minutes at 9 am. it's good stuff.

today, at 8:59, just as kenny the morning guy was going off the air his helpful sidekick, named ozone, is mumbling "another hour, one more hour..." then kenny says "well beginning next monday we will be expanding to 10." jigga what? what is to become of the 97@9? because, honestly, that's really nice when i'm at work to listen to non-stop music for an hour and a half. example, right now traveling wilburys is on. and now shawn mullins. good stuff. so i'm freaking. try calling the station - oh, they're not answering their phone. it's not even ringing.

good times. so what's the story? why are radio stations so dumb? do they not know a good thing when they have it?


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