Thursday, August 18, 2005

you know what i love? no no, not a bottle of israel's finest, although there is something to be said for it.

i love...singing guy from friends. y'know, morning's here!

oh yes-
The Morning is Here
Sunshine is Here
The Sky is Clear
The Morning's here
Get into Gear
Breakfast is near
The Dark of Night Has Disappeared
Moooorning's here!!!!

awww yeeh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there,

I love the singing guy too!!

Am pushing my luck here, but do u have a recorded (mp3) version of the song by any chance?

- Mona

Blogger jdunn said...

wow. someone's reading this.

unfortunately no, i don't have a copy, only in my head.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got that song (the original, not a rip from the singing guy from friends) if you want it. mail me at or add me to msn at



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