Friday, November 2, 2001

well folks, another week comes to an end. as i write this i'm already 30 min past the time i wanted to leave. eh, well. it was worth it. i was looking for an animated icon for shayna. and i found one! should check it out if given the chance. i also found one for me...that she won't let me use. anyhoo, time to go home. my buddy nicky urbano is in town from houston. as much as i love the guy, i don't really want to go out with them tonight. i'd rather they come by my place, have a couple drinks, and be on their way. and since i don't have shayna with me this weekend :( that means i can finish off that bottle of rum in my fridge. so on that note, i bid you all adieu and have a good and safe weekend. i'll talk to you on monday.

btw, go here. there's some good stuff there. later!


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