Friday, November 2, 2001

this is very bizzarre. i'm not used to working on a friday. the last time i was up at 6 am on a friday i was getting ready to go to the airport to see shayna. speaking of her, she tried calling me last night at midnight. slept. right. through it. twas very pleasant this morning though to hear her voice on the machine. :) last night i went home and scrubbed the bathroom, mopped the kitchen, and vacuumed the whole joint. it was the first time i'd cleaned it since shayna had been here (and we all know how i hate seeing dirt on the floor). since i was cleaning i only got to watch about ten minutes of friends. sean penn was pretty funny on it. heh. all i kept thinking was "spicoli, spicoli, spicoli..." moving right along, it IS friday, and that means after about 3 i'll slack off and play scooterdeath cool game. if you haven't played it, i strongly urge you too. people on scooters and you hurl bricks at their heads! hours of entertainment. anyway, everyone have a happy friday!


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