Wednesday, December 19, 2001

hmmmmmmm.......what should i blog about? well, since i have nothing going on in my life, i think i'll blog about my woman.

so, looks like i'll be heading out to the bay around the end of february. it's too bad airlines take frequent flyer miles by the purchaser and not the person actually flying. yeah, that's right. shayna won't let me pay for it, or any of it for that matter. i think it's only fair that i pay for half of it. basically though, i told her if i'm coming out there in january and february, then she HAS to come here in march, if not april. i can't wait until the day when we're together and i won't have to wait a month or more to see her. i really hate waiting that long. true, it does make me cherish every second that i am with her, but my one wish if i could ever have one granted is to wake up every morning and see her shining face looking back at me. *sigh* what a sap i am. not to mention, when we are finally together, our lives will be so much easier. this is probably the hardest relationship i've ever been in, but i would *never*, *ever* change it in a million years. i think the reason i'm going on like this is because i've been missing her a lot lately. it's been 22 days since i last saw that beautiful woman, and now, i have another 23 days before i can lay my eyes on her. it helps to talk to her every night, but it's not the same as laying in bed at the end of the day and talking until one of us passes out. heh, that's another thing that will change when we're together, our phone bills, lol. well, that's all for now. i'll just go home tonight and cry myself to sleep.

am i hopeless romantic or what? yeah, that's what i think too. :)


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