Wednesday, December 26, 2001

alrighty, what did i get for christmas you ask? well, allow me to tell.

i got, in no particular order, a nice eddie bauer shirt, a nice tommy shirt, a craftsman some-odd piece socket set, a fire starter (for grillin :)), and a really kick-ass grill. the grate, rather than cast iron, is porcelain. it's too bad the majority of meat that'll be cooked out there will soon be chicken (all for my sweetie). and y'know, my brother and i were talking, and we decided instead of that prime rib and chateaubriand junk, we'd be happy with a big fat t-bone or porterhouse for christmas dinner. maybe next year...oh, and shayna WILL be there. we now have a mission to outcute my older brother. ech, we're gonna waste him.

oh, and the present i got from my grandparents, well, it was more for jimi than me. a new set of feeders. y'know the kind, where you fill up the food and it doesn't go empty for days. yeah. lucky cat. gets to eat whenever it wants...

anyway, hope everyone had a good one. on to the new year celebration! woo hoo!


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