Sunday, December 23, 2001

here's how christmas goes at the dunn household -

dec 23rd - turkey, usually fried
dec 24th - prime rib
dec 25th -chateaubriand (YUM)

not to mention my bro was bringing 1/2 keg in tonight (welcome to an irish christmas, my grandparents? hennessy. my parents? you should know by now, dunn. 98% Irish, there's some other stuff thrown in there, but for the most part...). he hadn't shown up when i left but it will be there tomorrow night, sadly, there will be no room for me, so i'll have to come home. anyway, met my older brother's girlfriend, kirsten (pronounced though, kier-sten), she seems really nice. i could see her as a sister-in-law. plus, she helped my mom clear the table. not just putting plates by the sink, but rinsing them off and in the dishwasher. wowzers. i was impressed. anyway, that's my report for now. i'm going to bed. later.


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