Monday, December 31, 2001

lots going on in john land. first and foremost happy new years everybody!!! i have a couple of options tonight. for one thing, my buddy jed is trying to talk me into going to the uptown theater. not only that, old friend of ours sarah, got a hotel room somewhere down there so we wouldn't really have to drive. the total for that excursion - approximately $70. i.....don't think so. another option, which is the one i'm probably going to go with, my buddy chris who lives in the same complex as me, is having a party. problem is, i don't know if i'm invited. the nice thing about that, that's exactly what i wanted all along. i'd much rather be sitting around with about 5-7 people shooting the shit. i hate being around 300 other people, having to yell at the top of my lungs to have a decent conversation, climbing over people to go to the bathroom...anyway, another advantage, i can walk home from chris and michelles. plus, an added bonus, i know shayna'd be cool with that because she knows everyone that'd be there. :) so that's what i'll probably do. what's everyone else got planned?

moving right along, february i'm slated for yet another journey to the bay to see my true love. found out the other day we're gonna drive down the coast to san luis obispo to see jack johnson. whatever, another goony boy toy these girls have fallen in love with (actually i'll refrain from smackin him around until i hear him, can't be any worse than that slimeball stuck on the bottom of a garbage can john mayer). anyway, sharon's driving, and she's made it clear that there will NOT be any hanky-panky in her backseat, shayna and i that is, i'm sure if it's her doing the hanky-panky it wouldn't be a big deal. hehe, the lesson here, i'm gonna have to watch my hands...hoowha!!!

one more thing, apparently i've earned a rep for being good with blogs...ooookay. anyway, the point is, seems there's a new kid on the block, and i'm not talking about jordan knight, but you should check her out. she's got some good things to say. dig.

happy new year everyone!!!! and most important, be safe tonight!!!


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