Thursday, December 27, 2001

last night was good. my little brother and his fiancee came over, as well as wes, whom i haven't seen since sometime last summer, and jed came over. we grilled out, had some italian sausage, hamburgers, and chicken. all turned out real nice. we all caught up and found out what each other was doing, it was almost like a dinner party...oy, i'm getting old. well, everything was going great until we got on the topic of tim's wedding, then somehow it got thrown in my corner, that is i was sitting there yakking away talking about marrying shayna. then tim blurts out "um, maybe you should live together or see each other more before you get married." well, yes tim, i didn't mean tomorrow i was going to propose, however, he used a snotty tone that said more. not to mention, i told him how serious we were and his response was "oooh yeah, internet and phone." jed, being the tool he is, started in with tim as well. it's a good thing susan was there, because the rage that was going through me was unbearable. i yelled at him and politely said "dude, don't be an asshole. you're my brother, your job is to support me. if you're not going to, then fuck off and die...or get out of my house." then he and jed played bigger assholes, as their reply to that was "dude, calm down." whatever you limey bastards. i just can't believe they said that. i have a photo of shayna on my coffeetable, ALL over my walls, on my wallpaper on my monitor, and a photo next to my bed....and they made those absurd comments. the correct comment would have been "wow, i didn't know it was that serious. i'm/we're happy for you john that you found someone that makes you feel that way." i mean they've seen the way my face lights up when i look at the caller id and it's shayna. i usually wind up running off to my bedroom. well, we'll see what they do tonight, they're coming over, but not as late. matter of fact, i'm putting a ten o' clock curfew on my apartment. i'll let you know what happens.


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