Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paper or Plastic?

More like "Little plastic bag or big plastic bag?" Hen House really bugs me when it comes to this, at least the one by our house that I frequent. They refuse to use big bags. Example: last week I buy ice cream, grape tomatoes, cucumber, and 4 peaches. Point is everything I bought could have all fit in one big plastic bag. Do they use a big one? No, they use two little ones. I'm not sure if they're overstocked on little ones and they've been pushing them for the last 15 months. At any rate it makes more economical and environmental sense to give me one bag. And yes, it bothers me that much.

p.s. DMB's cover of Down by the River is pretty sweet. Tour starts in 5 days! Sandstone (hopefully not the last time, I need to post about that later) in a month! Starplex (or whatever it's called now) in two!


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