Friday, December 21, 2001

yay!!! it's friday!!!! time to do a little dance, make a little love, and in general, get down tonight. well, i won't be making any love since my honey isn't here, but heck, that can't stop the rest of yall! wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

so last night i had an appointment with my po(probation officer). usually i walk in, we say hi, i fill out a piece of paper and i'm gone in less than five minutes. well, last night was different. i did only have to fill out that *one* piece of paper, but this time 'round it had a buddy. there was a letter attached to it. at the top it said, and i ain't lyin, in all caps and bold NOTICE OF SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION. i ask her what it means, because in the body it said "we're sending this case back to the court with the request of successful discharge," she says to me "you're going into unsupervised status. no more monthly check-in's, etc." "so do i still need to call the line?" "not after tonight. they can still call you in at random, but you're not color-coded anymore." WHOOO friggity fracking up-my-patooie-with-a-rubber-jones HOOOOOO!!!!!! then, as i'm pulling out of the parking lot i'm thinking "yay! i can drink whenever i want again, and no more $17 pee tests!" what? it's like things were supposed to be different now but it feels the same. i go home and there's a message on my machine from andrea (the ex that i occasionally hang out with, but would never, ever, EVER do anything with, now she's more like a guy friend than anything) saying "hey john, my phone got turned off (haha) so i'm calling you from my cell. gimme a call b/c we haven't done anything for awhile (this is true, it's been over a month since i last saw her, the only thing i miss is last winter when we'd play three-man, drinking game, at her old apartment. hehe, there'd be like 4 of us sitting around the kitchen table and we'd go through two 20 packs of bud light. ah, good times, too bad she's an insensitive bitch, hence the ex) and i need to know what you want for christmas (what?! you can't get me anything because that means i'll have to get you something, and of course i don't want to. little story here, last year, she needed a zippo, so i got one, only i went to the trouble of having it engraved with a turtle and her name on it. what'd she get me you ask? a goddamn picture frame with her in it. *very* tasteful). so anyway, give me a call and we'll hang out this weekend or new year's weekend. bye." new year's?! are you kidding me??!! if i'm hanging with anyone new years it'll be ira and dave or somebody else. bitch screwed me over last year, but that's another story. anyway, so later on last night, i was thinking about last winter and how we'd play three-man (god, that sounds like an orgy or something :)) and how no one comes over to my house on friday's anymore and how i can drink without...anxiety now. so last night i decide i'll have folks over tonight and party it up. only tonight though, i have work to do tomorrow, xmas shopping! yeah, i know, i wait to the last minute, but i had to wait for my little bro to get in town. so, we'll see. shayna's pissed at me because last weekend i said "i don't think i'm going to drink so much anymore." the way i see it, i'm allowed one blowout every now and then. plus, i don't want to drink tomorrow, sunday, monday, or any other day i have off. the next time i'll drink? probably be new years and we'll do the same as we did last year, get wasted at my house and stay home. as my life lesson was for the past year, drinking and driving don't mix. that's another blog though. maybe later i'll share what i learned. personally, i recommend even if you haven't gotten a dui, to go to the victim panels and the classes. it touched me and really made me responsible regarding my having a good time. anyway, i'm out for now. happy friday everyone! oh, and if you don't hear from me, have a blessed holiday!!!!!!!


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