Thursday, December 20, 2001

my pc at work sucks. why you ask? permit to explain.

for one thing, no soundcard. therefore i can't watch dubya dance, luckily i saw it last night on my pc at home, and it was fun. very entertaining. moving right along, the thing that really irritates me is everytime i go to check my stats at work, it doesn't accept my password and i have to click on "send my password to my email" and then type it in. now you'd think it would let see my stats...think again. all it does is take me to a screen that shows my personal information, nothing remotely related to my blog. the weird thing is, at home, i had no problem. must be the configuration on this lousy pc. i swear, unitedhealthcare is the cheapest company in the world. that's why i have no remorse about calling shayna long distance from here. heh, i'm sure getting even with them. well, time to earn that paycheck. riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.


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