Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trouble is...

A few things-
1. Right before I left work I went to the bathroom and when I got back to my desk there was an invitation to a meeting with my manager. Just me. It said "I need to meet with you tomorrow. Does the above time work for you?" FYI, the above time was 1. That's when I usually go to lunch, and Fridays are no exception as that's when Stump the Chump is - a sports trivia show on a radio station here. Anyway, like I'm going to say no. So I hit accept. Because I'm paranoid I try to get ahold of Shayna to ask her if it would be bad if I ask her what the meeting is about. Of course I get no answer...until I'm across the street at the grocery store. She said she most definitely would've asked about it since it was so vague. Rather than go back across the street I try to catch Joy via phone. Tried twice, no answer. I'm paranoid that she's going to say I spend too much time on the internet. Partially true, but only because I'm new and I have no work to do. She's been out of the office A LOT and naturally when she gets back she has a billion emails. In one meeting 2 weeks ago tomorrow she said to everyone "Work on renewals - give your new biz to John." Good strategy if everyone there wasn't so anal about others working on their stuff. There are a few who give me their stuff but mostly everyone keeps their own. So to sum up-
1. I have a 1 on 1 with my manager tomorrow.
2. I figure if it was "How are things going?" the subject would've said 1x1 or something of that nature. It didn't so I'm freaked out that I'm in trouble for either being on the internet or because a couple of times when they came to my desk I had a game opened that someone sent me via email, NOT on my hard drive. Don't even get me started on companies that remove Solitaire, Hearts, etc. from PCs.
3. The reason I'm in trouble is because she's never around and/or too busy for me and my colleagues don't like other people to work on their stuff.
4. Did I mention the program is slow which does not match with my ADD so well? So when I'm waiting for the stupid thing I have a tendency to open IE and glance at something real fast - OR if I have somewhere to go after work I might punch it into Google maps (which, being the geographic whore that I am, I find very addicting) to see how far it is.

I've been freaking out all night and Shayna's been trying to calm me down but it's not working.

On to 2. Why do people go 40 in a 45? Even when I'm not in a hurry I go 5 over.

And 3. When did water become such a scarce resource? I go to the Royals game and ask for ice water (because I *HATE* bottled water. Given the option between bottled and tap, I choose tap). You know what she gets out? What can only be described as a plastic shot cup. I swear it was only 6 oz. I go to McDonald's, ask for 2 double cheeseburgers and a cup of ice water. A little bit better, as they give me a 12 oz. Taco Bell, which I could swear always gave me the cup that's like 842 oz, actually gave me a 16 oz the other night. I get the environmental thing and what not, but come on big corporate a$$holes - not all of us want to rot our teeth with 95% sugar/5% corn syrup. And before you say diet - it tastes like goat piss.

I'll let you know how the meeting goes tomorrow. From home.

Oh, and on a side note, I hit my high water mark back in late April, early May - 239.1. Needless to say we went on Weight Watchers. It was alright, got me down 10 pounds. But then we hit June and all heck broke loose. I had Tribal Feast, the next weekend we had Pat's wedding, then we went to the Royals game the following weekend (the 15th for those playing at home), courtesy of Roxy and the Marlins, and to top all of that off my birthday was the last weekend of June. I went off Weight Watchers, went on my own fat flush and I'm somewhat happy to report I'm down to 223 as of this afternoon. The goal? 185. Anything beyond that is a bonus. I'd be really happy to fit into the shorts I wore in 2001. Stay tuned.


Blogger Shayna said...

everything is going to be fine :) lytme!

Blogger John said...

what a great wife to read this. and to say that. someone must have trained you.


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