Friday, July 27, 2007

The what the sh#$ moment of 1989

uh bop bop bop - bop
bop bop bop bop

"Straight Up" was just on the 80's Music Choice channel. Seriously, how did she have a Billboard Top 100 album with that? It sucked. I will admit that my first "girlfriend" (quotes are necessary because it was 6th grade, and well you don't really date then, you just say "Hi. You want to be my girlfriend?" and then you talk on the phone and pass notes. No dating is involved.) danced to "Straight Up" in the Briarwood talent show and my wife claims to have danced to "Cold Hearted Boy" or whatever it is in her talent show. Still, what the sh@# ladies??!!

Here's how my day went-
Flat tire when I went to the garage this morning...followed by
Airfare going up for our trip to Dallas, and then the credit card we were going to use won't let me make 2 payments within 3 days of each other. Sorry Chase, I didn't expect airfare to go up overnight. And then...
The meeting was what I predicted - too much internet. I got a verbal. The boss and I are cool, I think she did it to save face with the current employees. She knows, as well as I do, that I'm going to kick ass once I get out of training. Couple that with the fact that she took some responsiblity; realizing that she was out of the office and has a boatload on her plate. She also mentioned that she didn't expect me to hang in her department too long, as I kick too much ass to be there. The surprising, and I'm still dumbfounded over it, I moved my monitor to the edge of the outside of my desk so I'd see people coming rather than focusing on the inside corner. She said I have to move it back. And delete anything, repeat ANYTHING, on my computer. Bye bye photos of Oliver, bye bye seating chart of Sandstone and Riverport, and most importantly - bye bye budget. For those who don't know I keep a spreadsheet of our bank account. It's a hell of a lot easier than Microsoft Money or anything else I've tried. Oh, and I have to delete the folder in my Outlook called "funny stuff", i.e. jokes and videos people send me that I watch when I need a good laugh.

That was the end of my bad day. Now I'm waiting for the Royals game and I'm having a kick ass dinner - ribeye, baked potato with butter and sour cream (I'd like to put chives and bacon bits but I forgot about them), iceberg salad and garlic bread. Yes, Shayna's gone. She has a good heart and is doing the Relay for Life tonight. God bless her and her friends. Seriously. I'm not doing it. I'm sitting at home drinking beer, eating steak and watching the Royals. Her and her friends are good people.

With that said there will probably be more posts as the night goes on. Peace is love. =)


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