Friday, August 10, 2007

The Return of the Gringo

I've decided that Chipotle sucks. I walked in there tonight and seriously, every time I go in there it's full of whites. If it's such a great burrito joint then why don't the Mexicans eat there? They work there and they probably laugh at us because we're all like "Oh man, these are great." And they're saying "hehehe, loco gringos."

On the flip side of that we went to Chilaca a couple of weeks ago. Oh man it sucked. The salsa tasted like it was a ketchup base. And my entree looked like something I'd buy at 7-11. All that said, my beef tasted like chili. Worst. Mexican. Food. Ever.

Maybe I'm just going on a tirade because we go to SF tomorrow and I have La Cumbre on the mind.

Oh and how cool is it that Sweet Up and Down is back? Finally!!!!! Let's cross our fingers we get it at Sandstone and/or Starplex.


Blogger Midwest Valley Girl said...

I could not agree more. Chipotle does suck. You know it's owned by McDonald's right? Yeah, totally the white man's concept of a burrito. The real Mexican burrito bars in california are awesome! and they are loaded with Hispanics eating there, so you know it's pretty authentic.

Blogger John said...

we got some the night before our flight, we were a little iffy on how they'd be the following day...i didn't eat mine until we got home, practically 24 hours after it was made. it wasn't as good as it would've been the night before but 100x better than anything here.

Blogger Midwest Valley Girl said...

the next day huh? I might have to try that sometime. Particularly seeing as how I can't usually eat the whole thing in one sitting anyways.


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