Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dallas Schmallas

That sums up how I feel about last weekend.

A few things that Shayna left out-
1. I offered to go back to the car and take the next flight. Probably what we should have done.
2. I watched the 8 year old Friday night and Saturday morning while they were praying for our souls. Two bottles of wine made Friday night easier.
3. And probably the most annoying thing that was out of our control. The security guard did a good job keeping unruly fans out of our section. Before the show we told him how we hate it when people come running down thinking it's their God given right because they have reserved seats. He said he'd keep people out but at the encore everyone would come down. We both just shrugged it off thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. We were wrong. Everyone, and I mean everyone, all 2000 or so in the lower section, came *rushing* down. It was insane. I said to the security guard "What the hell is this?" "Sorry, it's up to the band." No, it's not. I cite Hartford 2005. After that I'm pretty sure the band said "We'd really like it if you wouldn't rush the stage." So I call bullshit Mr. Security Guard. So Shayna and I start to walk off and then he says "I can get your seats back if you want." Sure, why not. I'd love to sit in my now $300 seats. He tells the girl who is now there to move. Hehe. Then, hehe, she has the audacity to say to me "You didn't have to get the guard. I would've moved." Seriously? You come running down here even though you're supposed to be 6 rows up, take my seat, then tell me I didn't have to tattle? WHATEVER. I am so over this place. After tolerating being pushed around and packed in like sardines we decide to go about 10 rows up. I stop by the girl and say "Hey, you can have our seats now." "I'm just saying I would've moved." "Yeah, whatever. Do you want our seats or not?" Ed. note: this is not the same girl Shayna saw out front, even though she sounds exactly like her. "No, it's cool. I just don't see why you got the guard." OMG. BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T YOUR SEATS!!! And I'm through talking to an airhead such as yourself. Maybe if you're lucky Dave will go home with you, you wacko.

We left about one minute into American Baby Intro. Luckily the next song was Watchtower. I've only heard that song, let's check the stats over at - an astounding 23 times!! Add in the live releases such as Listener Supported et al and I'm probably up to 27 or so. Yeah, that song and Jimi Thing (without guests) I'm content with going to the bathroom. But songs that I'm ok with going to the bathroom during is a whole 'nother blog (get it? Texas is like a whole 'nother state. Ha!).

So that was the last straw for me. Sunday was nice because we were up for 2 hours and then on our way back to KC. Starplex we hardly knew ye.


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