Sunday, October 28, 2007

Random Musings

We got our new PC Thursday. However I didn't want to set it up until I got our new desk. Makes sense, right? Why put it together only to have to dismantle it again when we get the desk. Anyway, Friday night we got the desk and I decided come Hell or high water I was going to get it all done that night. So we're moving the old desk downstairs into the basement and I'm on the bottom and Shayna's on the top (I know how that sounds but it means she's upstairs and I'm going downstairs, perverts). I'm trying to take this thing down and then she blurts out "Hang on! I can't get in the right position." I immediately start cracking up and say "HAHAHAHA, THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID." And that's why we won't ever start a moving company. We sat there and laughed ourselves into an hysteria for about 10 minutes. Then I was up until 1:30 am putting everything together. It was well worth it to see Shayna's face in the morning, which had a Christmas-y feel to it.

Then last night the game I had been waiting on all week was on. I've pretty much accepted the fact that the Chiefs will never go to/win a Super Bowl while King Carl is in office. Also I'm over the antics of NFL players and their egos (ocho cinco, that's you, in America we speak English, i.e. you're eighty-five - and Jared Allen, you have the most sacks in the AFC, do you really have to do your Hulkamania pose after each one?). In college, if you get an interception, run it into the endzone and do a little dance, you get an earful from your coach. I wish NFL coaches would do that. Anyway, with all of that said I've really been getting into college football this year. I'd say it's because KU is doing so well, but I followed the Big XII since it was the Big 8 and so on. Just didn't really get into the national game. But this year is different. Last night we're watching the game and towards the end of the 3rd quarter/early 4th I started actually getting giddy. I said to Shayna "If they go to the Cotton Bowl we are so going to Dallas." And then I started to really dream. "I don't know that I'd go to a BCS bowl if they went." Then Shayna asked why not. I got to thinking "Yeah, why not? This is a once in a lifetime thing." I mean, the last time they were 8-0? 1909. Nearly 100 years ago. The last time they were in a major bowl? The Orange Bowl when my mom was in college - 1969. Needless to say I'm excited to see how the polls are today. And Thanksgiving weekend when they play Missouri at Arrowhead. That game had better be on TV. Rock Chalk Baby!!!!


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