Sunday, October 7, 2007

His name is Garbage...because he goes through the garbage

I walk downstairs this morning and there's a bowl on the counter. I look at it and say out loud "That looks like a garbage bowl." As in the Rachael Ray persuasion. Shayna gives me this weird look and I take a closer look. The box has her mug and says "Garbage Bowl - you'll never waste time anymore running to and from the garbage can!!" I immediately think, then say "What a racket. How much did you pay for this?" Looking over the box the Kohl's sticker says $19.99. "Holy crap! You paid $20 to put trash in a bowl???" No, it was on sale. "Really, for how much?" The receipt says $14.99. "Man, they saw you coming. This is worse than the pet rock. If you wanted a bowl to put garbage in I would've been more than happy to go to the dollar store and get you the biggest bowl they have." God bless her, I still love her to death, but oh boy...

Rachael is yummo-ing her way to the bank on those clams.

On a happy note I spent the better part of yesterday morning trying to get Garth Brooks tickets. I couldn't get two together for November 14th so I knocked it down to one - success! Let's try that again. Another one! The bad news is one is downstairs and the other is upstairs. Then they announced the show on the 12th. I am very pleased to report that we got 2 together in the lower level, just off to the right of the stage. I'm excited just because I hardly get downtown and I think it'll be fun to go down there and have a nice dinner with my lovely wife and then take in a righteous concert. That's what they wanted right?


Blogger Midwest Valley Girl said...

That is HILARIOUS! A Rachel Ray garbage bowl, I LOVE IT!! Sadly, I have to say I too would have been extremely tempted to buy it. But I totally understand what you mean by the fact that she just paid for a garbage bowl. But look at it this way....who bought the trash can??? Ah ha! See, you actually bought a can to put trash in and yes you paid probably some decent money for it. Shoot anymore, a decent stainless steel trashcan will set you back about $50.


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