Monday, February 25, 2008

A Complete and Total Barf-A-Rama

No pie eating contest, just me lurched over the toilet Saturday night - and even more impressing, I'm pretty sure it wasn't from drinking.

I probably shouldn't have eaten the potato because when we pulled it out of the oven Shayna cut half of it off because of weird looking stuff. I did have maybe a little over half a bottle of red wine, but I've been known to down whole bottles by myself which is why I'm leaning towards the potato.

At any rate, the point of this is to not gross anyone out. I just came to the realization, while grasping for my life to porcelain, that this is only the 3rd time Shayna's seen me sick in the close to 6 years that she's lived here. I was thinking it was only the second (the first being this past August in SF), but she swears it was the third. Either way, that tells you how often I get sick...without it being alcohol induced. =)


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