Sunday, December 9, 2007

Orange You Glad You're a Jayhawk?

Someone at work bought a shirt that says that. I'm trying to find it online but can't find it anywhere. Speaking of work, it's been six months and I think I'm finally making friends that I can actually hang out with. Friday it seemed like I only got about 3 hours of actual work done while the other 5 were spent messing around with them. Both girls I might mention. Heaven forbid John make friends, let alone get to work alongside, with a guy. It's nice because I think it might make our Christmas luncheon less awkward. And of course I'm sure I'll have a few holiday spirits while I'm there.

Aside from that not much going on. Still trying to get my game finished. Got all my Christmas shopping done last week while Shayna was in Dallas. I just wish we didn't have to wait 3 more weeks.

And now I must go make the bed and see how the Chiefs are doing. Dethrone King Carl!!!


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