Sunday, November 18, 2007

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

So it was your normal weekend. Friday night I played FF XII, Saturday I watched KU make history with their 11th straight win (in football for those living in a cave), and today I woke up and went to Starbs, went to the grocery store, church and now home.

However, before i came home I had a pit stop - and this leads me into "Things I Hate That Need to be Fixed in America". Shayna scraped the Highlander against the garage last weekend so I swung by Autozone and picked up some rubbing compound. Then I needed to get gas and air in my tire (I've really got to get that thing plugged). I figure since I'm not too far from Quiktrip I'll get air there.

Things I Hate #1-
What the Hell happened to free air? The gas moguls aren't making enough charging us $3 a gallon so they have to charge us $.75 for air? That's how I spell a$$holes. P.S. Gas stations take a note-full service ruled. Bring it back.

So I go to Quiktrip because they're the only ones that get the concept that America shouldn't have to pay for air. But there's always someone there before me. Rarely do I get to just pull in there and do my thing on my ONE tire. This time is no different. Some lady (I think, she kind of looked like a prepubescent male) was there checking her tires. I pull into a parking place because she just got started. I'm sitting there rocking out to "The 3 R's" - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! - patiently. She gets done and gets in her car. I pull out and just sit there.

Things I Hate #2-
SO DOES SHE. I couldn't tell if she was writing a novel or balancing her checkbook. What happened to common courtesy? You know someone is waiting to use the air machine. Do you-
A. Move your car so the next person can use it, or B. Sit there and do your thing with no consideration for the next person? If you answered A then yay for you! I like you. If you answered B then congratulations, you're lumped in with the aforementioned a$$holes. I feel obligated to also report that this isn't the first time something like this has happened. One time I was on my way to the airport to pick up Shayna and I left the house with plenty of time. Or so I thought. I got to Quiktrip and there's someone there. Instead of moving his car, get this, he had the audacity to, and I still can't believe this, GO INSIDE and get something to drink or butt plugs or whatever a$$holes like. What a jerk.

After finally getting my tire properly inflated I head off for another gas station to get the gas and my car washed. The directions on the rubbing compound said wash and dry the car. I would've gone to Turtle Wax but being the good Catholic I am I tithed the $10 I had in my pocket. Hence I'm off to Phillips 66. I get my gas...but it doesn't ask me if I'd like a car wash. I run in and say I need a $7 car wash.

Things I Hate #3-
Employees who get paid for doing their job but don't do their job. Pop quiz time - does the clerk (I almost called him an attendant. Wrong. Attendants tend my car. He just stands in there and rings up the dummies willing to pay $3 for a 2 liter of Coke - I'm guilty of this sometimes. On Saturday nights. When I was single. And my only company for the night was Captain Morgan.) say A. Yes sir! Credit or debit? or B. I'm sorry, our car wash is out of service? If you answered A then give yourself a pat on the back. You could work in a gas station. If you answered B, see the above on what group you belong to.

I say ok and go on my way. The reason B was wrong is because on my way out I glance over at the car wash...and the car inside of it getting a wash. Since I'm tired of dealing with morons I forget it and go home.

At this point my arm is SOO tired from rubbing it out - that's what she said.

On a completely different note, I've been wondering about this for some time. At my parish, Prince of Peace, everyone sits back after the Agnus Dei while they wait for communion. Now as a child I was taught to kneel whenever the Host is outside the Tabernacle. And every church I've ever been to has held this practice. Is this something that other churches do?

I'm trying to be like Randal in Clerks II and bring back kneeling in my church. Usually it's me and one or two others that kneel. Any Catholics out there that care to chime in on the subject?

Thank the good Lord this is a 3 day week. And my family's at the end of it. JOY. to the world.


Blogger Shayna said...

i didn't know they sold butt pluts at QT!

Blogger John said...

you wouldn't. because you're not in the a$$holes club.

Blogger Shea said...

Excellent use of "that's what she said." Kudos to you.


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