Friday, May 30, 2003

don't forget mark mulder!

i know one person who won't. shayna saw what all the hype was about last night. good game for the a's, bad game for my royals.

it's a slump. they'll get back to where they were.

i believe! nosotros creemos!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

i've been stressing out over a lot of things. and also getting pissed off at myself over little things.

stress list-
first is money. with only one income i really have to watch what i spend, however i've been doing a miserable job of it. i should have had 250-300 expendable in my account on monday. instead, i have 66 as of today. oh! but i get paid tomorrow. doesn't matter. it'll be gone soon enough. 200 for the rental car this weekend and i owe shayna's mom 200 for the plane ticket. 400 left over, oh, i need to pay sbc. that brings it down to 340. and i'll have to pay for gas this weekend among other things, so let's budget out - mm..about 100. 240. that's it. i hate going paycheck to paycheck. especially since i'm really beginning to hate where i live. when i first moved in there my neighbors rocked the casbah. they were all quiet, there were no fights, at least that i could hear. then, somewhere along the line white trash moved in. first there was the family upstairs. they had 3 kids and lived in a two bedroom. how does that work? then the crack-addict girls moved in across the hall. both have left, but a family (if you can call them that - mom, son & girlfriend, their baby, and now the gf is about to have another one). for a while they only had one car between them. now they have two, but sheesh, gimme some values please. so i guess that was my second stress factor - living accomodations.
onto the third-my job. i think i like my job. i mean i like the people, and i enjoy coming here, but it's gotten to the point like when i left uhc. i am so BORED doing what i'm doing. i feel like i can do so much more. besides that, everything i do has to be marked down on a spreadsheet then turned into my supervisor on friday. hmmm....remember in kindergarten when they'd let you get one toy and play with it? oh, but you HAD to stay on the rug. yeah, it's kind of like that. please wipe my ass for me too. also my supervisor has been in her position for a few years now, but seems like she's brand spanking new to the gig. i don't want to go into her, but an example from the other supervisor. this happens all the time. she'll be saying, in an email mind you, "the reason...yadda, there coverage lapsed." or "yeah, we didn't here about it until it was too late." excuse me?? don't you have to have a high school diploma to work here? one that requires correct grammar? i swear i want out of this department first chance i get.
fourth stress-not gonna talk about in this forum. even though no one reads this.

augh. that's it. augh. simple and to the point.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

someone told me i need to blog.

so without further adieu-

been real busy. no time to blog. take care!