Thursday, February 28, 2002

hoo boy. i'm so down right now. i miss my girlfriend. a lot. we were talking about when we first started...talking i guess you could say, earlier today. it makes me so happy whenever i think about that stuff, but then now, it makes me sad because i have to wait to see her. today at work at least 3 different people asked me about her. not sure if that's a good sign or not. anyway. i just got off the phone with her and she sounded down. can't understand why. she went over to see lisa's baby. who knows, maybe thinking about babies made her think about me and that made her sad. heck i dunno. maybe hearing her sad is what's making me sad. well enough rambling. tomorrow i have to go to lunch with my team. it's the temp's last day so they're making me. the bad news? we're going to chevy's, which i HATE. but those damned girls outnumber me. being a minority has been happening to me often. heh. anyway i can't have meat tomorrow, so i'll have to have like a cheese chimichanga or cheese enchilada. gah. i. HATE. chevy's. so much i'm not going to plug them with a second link. they have absolutely the worst mexican ever. at the same time though, i've been bored at work all day everyday this week, so it'll be good to get out for at least an hour. also, my boy joey's in town this weekend, which means tomorrow night we'll be going out. problem? snow is supposed to start tomorrow night. late tomorrow when we'd be drving home. i'm not sure if i'm going right now. i'm definitely going to party it up tomorrow night. here's what i expect to happen - i'll send an email to scott telling him that i've burned 7.15.01 for him and it's ready for pickup. they'll come by tomorrow night and tie a few on. ask me to go. i'll say no. but then again, i *did* just get a fat bonus, so we'll see. i'm soooo torn. heh. ok, i'm off to bed, and wait for shayna to call me. i miss her so much. boo for me. :(
well, let's see how well you know me.

take the test yo so i can find out who my real friends are. heh. :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

new photos in the album. more to come.

god i look like such a fatass. heh. good thing it's starting to somewhat warm up. i *need* to start running again.
hmmm...seems i don't have much work to do this morning so i suppose i'll blog about the weekend now. sigh, where to begin, i suppose with the flight out there would be good. here we go -

thursday - my buddy jed ended up giving me a ride to the airport, so he went out wednesday night then came to my apartment and crashed so that way we could just wake up and go go. apparently i have issues with flying. nothing bad happened per se, the flight out there was nice, i slept for about an hour or so. it was when we finally got to sfo that something happened. apparently there was very very dense fog that morning *just* around the runway. i kept looking out my window when we were landing and all i could see was clouds. we kept going down. still clouds. still going down. oh! there's the ground! like right there. next thing you know we're going back up fast. so we ended up going across the peninsula, which was kinda cool. we flew around over the ocean for about a half hour or so. i had never seen the ocean and now i had. neat. moving right along, i get off the plane and there's my sweetie!! i LUV me some shayna. we do our little hugs and kisses thing then get out of there and go to pick up gm and we're off to the elephant bar for lunch. it was good. then we went home and chilled. next up was dinner. shayna and i were celebrating valentines day that night so we went to il fortaino or something like that. it was deeeelicious. the only bad thing was we waited for at least 20 minutes to get water. water people! that's meat and potatos in a restaurant. heh. after that we picked up esther from the airport. hip hip chick. afterwards, we were pretty tired so we came home and just cuddled. yeah, we're that couple that's just content staying in each other's arms and falling asleep watching tv. :) there were other ordeals such as the rental car, but i don't feel like going into that.

friday - wake up and head off to slo. five girls, me only boy. not a good equation. i'm *not* going into the car ride, but let's just say that shayna and i totally felt like mom & dad driving the minivan. heh. we got to slo and the girls went shopping. me? oh i just stood outside the stores, which i didn't really mind. it was around 74 or so outside so it was a nice change. and now it's 16 when i wake up. the nice thing about living here in kc is when it's like this outside, it really makes me appreciate the times in july when i step outside and immediately start sweating. anyway, back to slo. laura got home (speaking of which, props out to the kid for letting us stay there) and we went to eat dinner at a pizza joint. after that we went to the jack johnson show. damn kids were dressed like saigon hookers i swear. having said that, i liked mason jennings over jack. jack was just a little too surfer for me and mason had the twangy midwest thing going on, which i dig. went home, had a little tea party of our own! hehe.

saturday - whole lotta nothing. drove back. we were exhausted. needless to say, we were in bed by 10 i think. quick day huh?

sunday - ah, our last day together. i hate those days. i didn't want to come to the realization that i was yet leaving her again. so sunday the kids (gm, esther, and sharon) went down to monterey and santa cruz. that let shayna and myself have the whole day to ourselves, which was nice. it was pretty much the only time we were by ourselves the whole weekend. anyway, we laid in bed all day, watched the ku game, which shayna got *really* into, yes, i'm serious. she was into it. we ordered some chinese, kids got back, james came over, we just hung out and watched the closing ceremonies. went to bed. i went to bed wishing that the morning wouldn't come. that we could just take all the time we wanted to be together. someday that will happen but not now.

monday - woke up, said goodbye to shayna as she had a meeting that morning that she *had* to be at. as she was driving out of the garage it struck me again that we were leaving each other. you'd think it'd get easier as it goes along, but i think it gets harder. just because i end up falling in love with her even more each and everytime i'm with her. *ahem* enough with the sappy stuff. had breakfast with james, gm, and esther, then off to the airport. almost like a real world season finale. all of us at the airport saying goodbye. heh. anyway, that's about it. i have a meeting at 10 and there's some things i need to get done beforehand, so later!

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Which Empire Records Character Are You?

somehow i saw this one coming. heh.
too much work. blog about weekend later. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

tomorrow! tomorrow! hot damn tomorrow!

that's grammy material folks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

so, a splash of reality just got doused on me. i. have. no. clue. where i'll be in september. hell, i don't know what'll be going on in august for that matter. this is what happened yesterday, i was in a fantastic mood, then i got smacked down...only today it only lasted for about two hours. i think it's more of confusion. i know what i want, i just don't know HOW i want it. i mean, i know, but i don't. that probably makes no sense whatsoever.

augh augh augh. forget about it.
yet another item i should mention, the cool thing about tour is that you get reenergized about the music, at least i do. i find myself listening to shows i haven't heard in months. just itching to hear any dmb that i can. for reals, i haven't been in this good of a mood in a *long* time. i've been happy, just not at full peak like i am. seriously, i don't think it gets any better...until i'm at the actual show with shayna, then it'll be better. :)
oh, and just to tack on to the excitement already surrounding sept 3rd, this is exactly what i was hoping for. it's kinda cool this way, because i'll be seeing them early in the tour at shoreline, and then again at the end at sandstone. this way i can see how the new songs progress through the tour which is always badass to see & hear. another advantage to a september date? it's not too hot and it's not too cold here, so that's dope. anyway, that's about it. back to doing my happy dance! :)
holy kalama fuckin zoo!!! this week is like the best ever!! let's recap so far -

1. KU is named #1 in the nation. right on.
2. KU kicked Iowa State's ass last night (ahem, by 30 some odd points) clinching the number one seed in the big xii tournament and giving them the title. hoorah
3. today my fate was determined. september 3rd, the day after labor day. dig dig dig dig. :)
4. tomorrow, so far, nothig happens other than knowing i get to see my sweetie the next day.
5. thursday i get to see my sweetie


that is all. i have to go breakdance now. later.

Monday, February 18, 2002

perhaps one of the best mondays in the history of mondays. why you ask?

-KU is now number one in the nation. like isaac hayes says, "yer damn right." catch em tonight at 8 cst on espn trampling poor iowa state. dig.
-i get to see my hunny in 3 days and i can't wait. :)
-new tour dates announced tomorrow. i'm hoping, in a way sandstone will be on that list, i'm pushing for the end of june (like my birthday say...)
-bumpin to janet jackson design of a decade this morning. hoowha!!!

and that's about it. a good monday so far...course it's only 5 minutes into the day. heh.

have a great week everyone!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Take the "Which
Nationality Are You?" test
at OuchCryManson

Made by: and User=ecology> a...surprise.

yeah freakin right. yer goddamn right i'm irish. every bloody bone in my body.

Friday, February 15, 2002

i'm drunk.

very drunk.

wish i had somebody with me.........

......very sad :(
oh, and one more thing that rocks about fridays-

getting to use lame pick-up lines at the bar tonight such as this one - i was about to go masturbate and i needed a name to go with your face.

trust me, works every time. :)
things that suck about fridays-
1. i have all my work done by 11 am, leaving me bored out of my mind for 5 hours.
2. that's the only thing that sucks about fridays

things that rock about fridays-
1. having all my work done by 11 am, leaving me bored out of my mind for 5 hours
2. getting to play when work is over
3. getting to sleep in the next day
4. getting to play tomorrow night
5. getting to sleep in the day after tomorrow

that's all i'm gonna do for now. feel free to add on.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

happy valentines day to the prettiest sweetest girl in the whole entire universe!!!

that is all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

alright. i'm drunk. any questions?

wow. that took me like 10 minutes to write that post. heh.

Take The Mu$ic Biz Whore Test

word. i'm the koolest of the Koolest.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

John Bender, the "criminal", gets many peoples votes for favorite character. Why? It might have something to do with the quick and hilarious one-liners that come pouring out of his mouth. Bender's a rule-smashing rebel, who doesn't have a hard time finding trouble.And wouldn't we all like to be a rebel sometimes!? But underneath his tough-boy exterior, he's actually not all that bad, as his fellow breakfastclub members soon discover...

The role of John Bender was played wonderfully by Judd Nelson, who also starred in another popular 80s movie, St. Elmo's Fire, the same year that The Breakfast Club came out, earning him a title as a member of the "brat pack". Like most of his brat pack buddies, Nelson rose to incredible fame...only to get whisked out of the spotlight after of number of duds came out in theaters. According to friends, the character that Nelson played in The Breakfast Club is pretty close to his real life. He rode a Harley, partied hard, and had a fling with Shannen Doherty.
bet the groundhog didn't see valentine's day coming two days early for me. i got my present today from my sweetheart. check it out.

do i have the best girlfriend in the history of girlfriends or what?

oy vey, what a game. that's all i have to say about that. i think ku really does have a shot at going undefeated this year. anyway, only 9 days!!!

Monday, February 11, 2002

yep, i would invest half of it in low risk mutual funds, and give the other half to my friend asadulah who works in securities...
alright serfs, listen up. check this out. word.
hehe, look at me pumping big xii links. they should be paying me for this...hehe.
i didn't do anything all weekend. so let's jump right into monday shall we? they suck even though i got plenty of sleep and it's very sunny today...i know it's monday. bleh. not to mention, no more monday night football. instead, i get old faithful KU. tonight they take on the longhorns of texas. i have to admit i was kinda worried about texas tech. roy never does well against bobby knight, but i guess those days are gone, since they won 108-81. whoo go ku!! i can't even fathom what kind of a stomping is going to go down tonight.

so check it out yalls, no good tv on tonight (except for boston public)? then check out espn at 9 est/6 pst. good stuff there.

Friday, February 8, 2002

guess what this weekend is? it's meat weekend!!! all the meat i can eat. why you ask? lent starts next wednesday and that means no meat. i'm not like most catholics, i take it back to the old school and don't eat ANY meat during lent and i try to avoid eating it on fridays throughout the year (sometimes i'll sneak it in). just like fasting. the only thing i will badmouth the pope on is this ridiculous idea he has that fasting is eating one meal that equals three or somethihg like that. fuck that. fasting is not eating anything whatsoever for a period of time you pinhead (yeah, i know, i'm going to hell, but i'm going for other things besides that). so over the next 6 weeks i might become a little testy. heh.

i got tons of chicken that i need to grill this weekend so like emeril says
it's time to kick it up a notch!!!
while i'm on the topic of the super bowl, i've talked to some people in st. louis and they mentioned something about the game being fixed. now at first, i thought it was too (just get me started on baseball, totally fixed. i still like it and all, but let's face it, it's fixed). i mean, the patriots...patriots - my country tis of thee - all the "i love freedom" music before the game, yeah, i guess it's possible. but just now i was thinking they won with 5 seconds to go. it's kind of hard to fix a game like that and i figured they were just bitter about losing. but then again...
oh yeah, and another thing. the super bowl. great game, shitty pregame (mariah carey, could you please look and act more like a ho? if so, there are openings at madman moe's fiery brothel), kickass halftime (couldn't have gotten any worse than last year, i would rather do lyposuction on roseanne with a crazy straw than watch that pile of shit again), the only downer during halftime, paul mccartney and terry bradshaw singing "hard day's night". someone, please, knock me out with a beer bottle, baseball bat, frying pan, whatever it takes. what the HELL was up with that? you've got U2 doing a kick ass show, then just go and torture mankind with your atrocious singing, or lack thereof. anyway, just a little bitch session. i'm out for now...until i think of something else to bitch about.
i LUV me some friday. i plan to sleep tonight, and sleep well.

meanwhile, phones are down here at work. sort of. i can receive calls, just can't place any. sucks because i need to call the help desk and have them reset one of my passwords to an application. guess i'll just have to sit and wait. and y'know something i hate? people who tailgate. not bbq-tailgate, i'm talking people who ride your ass when you're drivng through a school zone and it's the LAW to only go 25. where the hell are the cops when this happens? i'll tell you where (not that i hate cops, just when this kinda thing happens). they're at some mall telling kids they can't skateboard there. now which is more dangerous? kids skateboarding at a mall, or some penus riding my ass through a school zone? yeah, that's what i think too. bums.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

okay, if you haven't been here, go now!

click, click, and click some more. good stuff. i promise, no disappointment. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

parents are finally out of my apartment. they still don't have power but my dad arranged to borrow a buddy's generator. i told him they didn't have to go especially considering how dangerous those generators can be. he told me they'd be fine so i said ok. they're taking me to strouds next week even though i told them explicitly they didn't have to. on another note, they left all the food they had bought since they moved in at my house. that's cool. means i won't have to go to the store for like the next two weeks. word. anyway, that's about it.

it's going to be nice to be able to sleep in til 6:30 tomorrow. hoowha!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

lord knows i'm hairy enough...
where are you going
with your long face pulling down
don't hide away like an ocean
you can't see but you can smell
the sound of waves crashing down
i am no superman
and i have no answers for you
i am no hero or that special
but i do know one thing
it's where you are is where i belong
cuz where you go i do know
is where want to be
where are you going
where do you go

are you looking for answers
to questions under the stars
well if along the way
you are growing weary
you can rest with me
until a brighter day
so clear
i am no superman
and i have no reasons for you
i am no hero or that special
but i do know one thing
it's where you are is where i belong
cuz where you go i do know
is where i want to be
where are you going
where do you go

where do you go
where are you going
where do you go
i am no superman
and i have no answers for you
i am no hero or that special
but i do know one thing
it's where you go is where i wanna be
i do know that you know
is where i want to be
where are you going
where do you go

Monday, February 4, 2002

so guess what. shitty day --> ku plays --> kstate suffers.

right the hell on.
please. someone tell me.

what the hell sudio means.

oh yeah, and i'm glad those cocky-ass rams lost!

go pats!
shew. what a long weekend. here are the key points -

*parents still have no power
*so i had steak last night, my mom cleaned my kitchen, and she made me taco meat :)
*i have the most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world
*some folks are jealous of me for it
*i'd like to put those people in a bodybag (and i'm a VERY peaceful person)

i'm just thinking 17 days until i get to see that special girl in my life and i can't wait. the only thing i wanted to do last night (after the game of course) was to curl up with her in bed. things are going to be a lot better when we're finally together.

so that's it. mondays suck. i hate being at work today, and that's all. oh, and i'm also tired of my parents waking me up at 5 am, unintentionally, but they still woke me up. eh, well.

Saturday, February 2, 2002

day 4 in my tale. the good news? my power came back on last night around 2:30 am. bad news? i was at my parents. they had gotten their power going but around 7 or 7:30 kcp&l came by and started working on it. here's how my parents house looked. in the backyard they have a deck and the individual line comes out right over it. there's also an enormous tree right smack dab in the middle. one of the limbs fell causing the line to come down - as well as their meter being ripped out of the wall. it was literally hanging there by the cord. kcp&l cut it to prevent a fire from being caused so that was good and bad. they're going to have to have an electrician come out and fix it all up, which is going to take at least 3 days i'd imagine, so that means my parents are going to be my roommates for a couple days! aren't you jealous? heh. this also means not only will they have their dog here, but their cats also. two of them to be exact. my kitty isn't going to dig that too much. heh, i'm a catlady! anyway, so yeah, power's back on, my folks' will have theirs soon enough, and that about wraps it up for now. today? i'll be able to watch KU stomp CU, and then tomorrow the super bowl of course. woo hoo!

Friday, February 1, 2002

i am so incredibly bored at work today. the thing is, if i leave that means i have to go home, and there's nothing to do at home since i have no power. hell, there isn't even any heat. *sigh* what's a handsome boy to do?
3:40 pm.

still no power.
here's how it goes now. since my folks still don't have power they stayed over at my place last night. they brought their sheltie, max, with them. my cat didn't take to kindly to the idea of having to share the apartment with another animal. heh. anyway, aside from that we had chili and around 9 decided to hit the hay. THEN, at precisely 10:31 p.m. cst, my power went out. no heat, no light, NOTHING. it may not sound that bad but think of it this way, no heat and it got down to 20 last night. i think ice crystals started to form on my nuts it was that bad. not to mention i went to the store yesterday (hy-vee had ground beef on sale .99/lb. word.) and picked up some grub. no refrigerator means the food might spoil. this does not get any better. all i can hope for is either MY power to come back on or my parents. definitely, without a doubt, the WORST icestorm we've ever had. it's been declared state of emergency and a disaster area. they're saying it's going to cost at least $3 million to clean this place up.

c r a z y. keep me and my family in your prayers yall. :)