Tuesday, March 22, 2005

question of the day - does an 11 year old need a cell phone?

reason i ask because i logged onto aim and my brother-in-law was online. with a little mobile forward thing next to his name.

why on earth would an 11 year old need a cell phone? riddle me that.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

love it!

except that the plucking reminds me of when fallon and horatio do their christmas song thing.

that is all.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

zoinks. it's been a long time. so what's happened in the last 4 months? not much. good thanksgiving. good christmas. good new years. so that brings us up to january. my boss said we were going to be hiring/promoting two new supervisors. i decided to go for it for two reasons - 1. i'm bored to death with what i'm doing now. and 2. i'd like a hefty raise. well he said he wanted to get them installed by the end of january. my first interview was the monday after the super bowl. anyway, the thursday before my mom called and said that bob had died. bob was my 2nd cousin's/godmother's husband and had been fighting lung cancer. biggest bullshitter this side of the mississippi. helluva nice guy though, he'd bend over backwards, give you the shirt off his back, insert your own nice guy cliche here. the wake was scheduled for sunday and the funeral for monday. well obviously i couldn't go to the funeral but maybe i could go to the wake. my brother called and asked if i wanted to ride with him, he said he'd be heading back about 5 or 5:30, which means we wouldn't be home until 8:30 or 9. me having an interview the next day decided to pass. i heard though, that at his funeral there were 3 priests on the altar. funny for a guy who never went to church. that must mean the archbishop will preside over mine. heh. oh, and scott moved to austin to be with robbi. what a sweet deal. except now i have to find others to drive with me to st. louis, but more on that later. =)

now into february, not much happened there. went to la for the first time, not as scary as i had expected. actually kind of cool. i don't think i'd want to live in the same city as "seacrest, out" but still fun to visit. they had a very nice wedding, i thought it was for the most part pretty low-key. it didn't seem like 200 people were there, except maybe the reception. i danced, like jamiroquai says, because there was nothing left to do. we got back and there was bad news waiting for me. i didn't get the promotion. oh, but they wanted to make me a senior account specialist or whatever. funny, in my interview he asked me how i would handle someone who thought they could do a better job, or felt resentment towards me. i said "i would ask them to help me out, maybe i could delegate some of my tasks over to them." bottom line is i should've gotten it, but i didn't, so what're you gonna do? keep working i suppose. or blog at work.

and now into march. tour dates are announced!!! gorge dates had been rumored for a couple of weeks, so i took the initiative and booked a car and a room then. we put in for gorge and sandstone on tuesday. i love sandstone being the closer. 2000 might not have been the best show ever, but it's just a different atmosphere on closing night. so yesterday i asked shayna if i could go to the st. louis show without her. regardless of where she's working, she won't be able to go. and she said i could go! i'm checking with jed or colby to see if they want to go with me. i also sent an email over to jenkins. haven't heard from anyone yet but i don't think it'll be too hard to sell the ticket. and i don't mind at all sitting by myself. so all in all, i'm hitting riverport, gorge and sandstone. the i-70 tour!!!

peace for another 4 months.