Friday, November 5, 2004

this has gotten to be fucking hilarious.

as of october 29th i was supposed to be in dallas again november 16-19 for a seminar type thing. i booked my flight, hotel and car on monday. well yesterday around 3:30 i found out that it *might* be postponed. haha, ok, sure. thus proving the theory that i shouldn't believe i'm going until i'm on a plane. i figured there was a chance it would get cancelled but not likely. guess what. as of about 15 minutes ago it's been postponed until december 13.

so now i'm really pissed off and yet laughing at this. i feel like, to borrow from dubya, john kerry is running my division. yeah, you're going. no, we need to maximize production. yeah, we're having that session. no, we're not.

i feel as though i have a right to be pissed off. i kind of have an attitude now like "yeah, whatever." like i don't really give a shit. like i should take off for the day.