Sunday, August 22, 2004

so much to say etc.

my ribs kicked some ass. i still have one slab left but i'm saving them for tomorrow night i think. first chiefs game i'll actually be able to watch. woo hoo! concert rocked the casbah. kids are on fire this year. i thought typical was special, but i guess not, after all they have played it virtually every 4 or 5 days now. same old story. take an old song they never play anymore and put it in the rotation for the summer. 2003 it was pfwyg and cry freedom. this summer it's typical and possibly nancies. blah. anyway, so yeah all in all a fantastic weekend. and now our thoughts move towards september 12th. should be fun with a humongous crowd. plus seeing a ton of peeps we haven't seen since the wedding, they know who they are. and what else.

oh. big oh. yesterday was my first full day without a cigarette.

it sucked.

big time.

i didn't it would be this bad, but last night i had a kc strip steak with a baked potato and some garlic bread. holy moly i would've died for one last night. but alas, i'm here today. i decided that i'm going to give them up as a habit, such as every morning before i go into work i sit in my car, sip my coffee, have a smoke, and listen to johnny renshaw. or i have 1 or 2 at lunch. no more of that. i'm finished with it. however, if i know i'm going to go out and have a shitload to drink, which is very rare now, i might buy a pack. other than that, notta. i'm content with that. shayna on the other hand is saying no way. as far as i'm concerned, doing what i'm doing now is a pain in the ass as it is. but anyway.

so yeah, september 12th. then october 6th in ames iowa. oh boy. question about this - they charge us normal price for a ticket for this show - 55 or 60 bucks. will they be playing a full set or are we being ripped off? oh sure, you can say "but ben harper is playing too." baloney. i pay 60 to dmb to hear 2(+) hours of them. and another thing! it should be tax deductible! when donald trump gives a cool million to the democrats or republicans he gets to write that off right? why can't we write this off huh?! nuff of me. i'm out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

yay! we'll have our new furniture for the weekend!

and what a weekend it's going to be. it all starts tonight with me getting a jump on laundry and cleaning the top half of the house. then tomorrow i have to go see phil the barber for my styling and i'll clean the lower half of the house. then friday is bela fleck and the flecktones. saturday morning we're getting the furniture and i'll do any last minute cleaning/laundry in the afternoon, as well as manicuring the grass. saturday night we have a dinner party or something like that for one of my childhood friend's parents. then sunday it's off to the fun of worlds! perhaps a big fat steak will be in order that night. then monday is the dmb and i'm smoking some ribs. we'll see how they turn out. i'm going to try a new rub. i'm not too worried. 'tis all for now.

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Thursday, August 5, 2004

our seats for sandstone?

how about- section 3....
row 2....
3 & 4!!!!

hooray for being super duper close to the aisle!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

ha! in your face st. louISSSE!!!

go sprint center! go sprint center! it's your birthday!