Thursday, August 18, 2005

you know what i love? no no, not a bottle of israel's finest, although there is something to be said for it.

i love...singing guy from friends. y'know, morning's here!

oh yes-
The Morning is Here
Sunshine is Here
The Sky is Clear
The Morning's here
Get into Gear
Breakfast is near
The Dark of Night Has Disappeared
Moooorning's here!!!!

awww yeeh.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

sometimes i just don't understand the startegy of a radio station. 97.3 has this thing called 97@9 where they play continuous non-stop music for 97 minutes at 9 am. it's good stuff.

today, at 8:59, just as kenny the morning guy was going off the air his helpful sidekick, named ozone, is mumbling "another hour, one more hour..." then kenny says "well beginning next monday we will be expanding to 10." jigga what? what is to become of the 97@9? because, honestly, that's really nice when i'm at work to listen to non-stop music for an hour and a half. example, right now traveling wilburys is on. and now shawn mullins. good stuff. so i'm freaking. try calling the station - oh, they're not answering their phone. it's not even ringing.

good times. so what's the story? why are radio stations so dumb? do they not know a good thing when they have it?

Sunday, August 7, 2005

ha! bet you didn't think i'd be back did ya? well here i am. so anyway, not much going on. if you read shayna's then you know that we were going to go to the gorge, and then backed out when we heard about red rocks. and then we backed out of that because of a wedding in october and another one in december. and actually the one in october is why i'm blogging today. i figured the people on nancies et al don't want to listen to me piss and moan about how evil and corrupt american is.

so this wedding in october, right, is shayna's sister's. she's the maid (or matron, i don't know if there's a difference) of honor. she's rolling down to dallas on wednesday (sept 28 or whatever) after work. me? oh i have no time off left whatsoever. so i get to fly down friday afternoon, as long as i'm there for the rehearsal dinner (that's me talking, i want to be there for that). i mention to shayna earlier today how i might end up taking all of friday off because of the flight schedule. she says "well why not come down thursday night?" hm. yeah, i could do that, it'd be easier.

why is it so asinine? let me tell you something. i jump on american's website to see how much a one-way (which is always more expensive it seems like) to dfw is at around 6 on thursday - flight leaves at 6:20 and gets in at 7:55 - the low competitive price of $452.20. excuse me? the two of us could fly to dallas round trip for that much. so then i go to southwest's site. the problem with southwest is the ridiculous wright amendment - you know the one that says love field is restricted to short haul flights, i.e. they can only fly to the surrounding states and a few others (alabama, new mexico, and oh, conveniently kansas, our airport is in missouri). it also says they can't advertise a connecting flight from one of those surrounding states to love field, like mci-okc-dal. at any rate, i figure i'd rather make one stop somewhere then pay $450. either oklahoma city or tulsa is fine. so i could fly mci-tul 6:15-7:05. also according to the wright amendment there's supposed to be at least 45 minutes between connecting flights. anyone want to guess what time the next flight heads to dallas? that's right! 7:40! 35 minutes! i'm figuring it's tulsa. their airport can't be that big. plus, i plan to send shayna with my suit and what not so all i have is a carryon. anyway i figure if i go with this plan i'll just buy them separately. southwest's total? hehe. this is awesome. $116.90. can you believe that? a $335.30 difference. three f---in' hundred dollars. i still can't get over that. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. after seeing this, i need to get out of the house. luckily, shayna wants to take oliver to the dog park. we go and he gets in the mud. but that's another blog.

we get back home, i'm reading the king of torts right now, so i jump back into that. shayna goes off somewhere because she still wants out of the house. me? i edged the sidewalk and driveway yesterday. took me 3 or 4 hours. all i wanted to do today was stay inside and stay cool. after a few chapters i think "well let's go check and see what the okc schedule looks like." i get to the front page of southwest's website and i notice a link that i, for some reason, hadn't noticed before - Help repeal the Wright Amendment and Set Love Free! Visit for more details and to view a new study by Campbell-Hill on the consumer benefits of repealing Wright. now i had read a couple of months ago, actually it would have been the last time we were in dallas, that a missouri senator was working on getting the amendment repealed. then a few weeks ago i read that it cleared the missouri house and was on its way to the state senate. the article said it was expected to clear, but didn't say when. i thought (and still do) the sooner the better. so click on the link and there is so much good stuff out there! they have a link you can click and email your congressman asking for support in repealing this terrible piece of legislation. there's also an faq, a myths vs. facts, the case for repeal, all kinds of good information. somewhere, i don't remember where, it says "their (american's because they essentially own dfw) airfare is quite comparable with ours when it comes to the states we're permitted to fly to, however once you get out of those states their price skyrockets. (no pun intended)." so i say to myself "self, really? let's go check out okc-dfw on american, and okc-dal on southwest, same date, same time." american wants $111.90. hm. that's not so bad. southwest wants $112.40. wowie. it is competitive. now let's look at the same date, same time for a trip from kci-dal/dfw. as we've learned in this lesson, southwest will have to stop in okc or tulsa. for this experiment, we'll use okc to be consistent. round trip on american, aug 26-28, they want $246.40. interesting. what about southwest? $187.70 (or thereabouts, i actually have the amount written down at work and it's based on the $39 one-way special from last week).

my point is this, american airlines is a corrupt corporation that's taken advantage of this garbage for too long. i implore everyone to go to and learn about it and email or write or congressman requesting their support for the repeal of the wright amendment.