Sunday, April 18, 2004

I am like Troy. -- "PHD, MBA, BA, to me it’s all BS. Street smarts are where it's at."

Troy was Versacorp's Project Manager for the Lemonade Challenge, Protégé's Project Manager for the Real Estate Challenge, the Pedicab Challenge and the High Rise Rental Challenge.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

some of this is just copied from an email so forgive me for not being creative.

it's a balmy 80 degrees today...inside our apartment. idiot landlord. yesterday when i got home it was 74 in here. shayna calls and they say the ac is on but we won't feel it until tomorrow (which is today). by the time i go to bed last night, around 11ish, it was up to 80. this morning? back down to 74. so i call over there and explain that i should be able to turn it down to 50 and feel something coming out of the vents right? they say "no no no. leave it at 68 and it'll cool off. horseshit. it's done nothing but go up. i'm getting so pissed off at the office for lying to me it isn't even funny. i'm about to call over there and say "isn't something supposed to be coming out of the vents or did you get a new ac system?" and if they answer yes i'll blast back with "but you can't replace the light bulbs in the vestibule outside my door?" i guess that's why they call it the ghettolark hill. out of 3 years i don't recall having this many problems. on with the househunting! i'm really looking forward to mowing my own lawn, then coming in and having a cold beer and watching the braves or cubs or whatever ballgame is on. that'll rule. it's one of those things that i see my dad do and realize that's part of being an old man. ha! and then having my SON come up to me and going "can i have a sip dad?" of course! my old man gave me a sip when i was your age and look how i turned out! hehe.

paid off the last of my credit cards last night. finally, that tv i bought in 98 is mine. right on. and several tires from sears. oh and a few nights at harpo's. hehe. all of my debt was from 5 years ago. not to mention the thought of next month and only having to pay time warner and sprint - oh man does that sound sweet. now i was going through all the paperwork for the mortgage dude so we can get pre-approved and found out we have to pay them $450 for appraisal and credit fees. oh well, at least we have no more debt! what a feeling. yowzers.

hows about if we can get the royals to win on the road? limey bastards...