Thursday, August 21, 2003

i'm compelled to sing a song today.

who's your daddy, who's your baby
who's your buddy, who's your man

and who's the one guy, that you come runnin' to
when your lovelife starts tumbl-in'
well i got the moneeey if you got the honey
let's cut a deal, let's make a plan
who's your daddy, who's your baby
who's your buddy, who's yooour frieeend.

whoo! thank ya! i'll be here for two more nights - sro baby!

Monday, August 18, 2003

the weekend was fun. we only tipped once, i'll let shayna tell that tale. speaking of shayna, the princess was wonderful and made it out alive (was there ever any doubt?). we might start making it an annual tradition, until we start pumping out kids anyway. and of course that's an open invitation to anyone who wants to visit. i guarantee it's like nothing you've ever seen and not to be regretted.

on that note, back to work this week, then kstate vs. cal this saturday at arrowhead with me pops. then the next weekend, what's probably going to be a looong car ride with shayna and my mom to dallas for her shower.

who says i don't spend quality time with my parents?

p.s. i love that toby keith song where he sings about the paternal figure.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

so i'm swallowing my masculinity (as much as that sounds like i'm snowballing, i'm not) tonight and going to a stylist for my hair. the same stylist that shayna uses, aka, shayna's new bff, scott. now i can't help it but everytime i think about it i keep seeing that scene from the rock when anthony clark is getting ready to cut john mason's (sean connery) hair and they're flipping through his tools deciding which ones he can and cannot use. actually the whole scene keeps going through my head.

fbi agent: you the barber?
anthony: no, stylist.
fbi agent: just clippers no scissors.
anthony: no scissors?! you've got to be kidding no scissors! i mean did they tell picasso no brush?
anthony: this is nasty. who did this to you?
mason: it's some kind of grunge thing.
anthony: well it's certainly some kind of thing. do you think we have enough time for protein pack?
fbi agent: no.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

y'know what dmb needs to do?

so much to say --> anyone seen the bridge? --> drive in, drive out

it's not as far fetched as one might think.