Saturday, February 28, 2004

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went to go see the passion last night. but i don't feel like talking about that just yet.

this morning i've accomplished a few things. most notably, getting my ducats for the kc vs. stl ballgame. took me over 30 minutes. to get club level. i'm big pimpin. it's on my birthday. section 234. row g. seats 1 & 2. ooh, aisle seats. word.

check this out. ain't technology something else?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

methinks our shows are settled. finally.

i'll be piloting the stl for both of us, with scott as my co-pilot. shayna can't go, she has important work through july. sucks to be so vital at work. heh.

and we'll be hitting west palm beach we decided. i've done all the flight, hotel and car research. good way to go out before we really get tied down.

oh, and i found out today that they're keeping my department. that's good news for me sort of. good news that my job isn't going anywhere, bad news if i want to move up. it's just going to be us, billing, and some other new department that will deal with pre-sale. so i can make all the lateral moves i want, just can't go up. needless to say, the search is still on but at least i'm on stable ground.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

ira, if you read this, you must do this. you will not regret it, it's right up your alley.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

it should also be mentioned that my grandmother pissed off shayna big time last night. i'll let her field that story.

funny how i gave her the speech about ignoring what old people say because it's generally talking out their ass.
juntos nosotros pueda!!!

haha! together we can! root root.

on the job front, after the third question they had had enough of me. eh well, didn't really want to work there anyway. it was in missouri and i'm not such the biggest fan of paying taxes to a state i don't live in. even though i'd get it all back at the end of the year. it's my money and i want it now.

also, i went to bryant's today with my dad and brothers. it's in downtown so i was gauging it as far as whether it was a drive i could handle in the morning and night. not so much. too long. i'm used to a 5-10 minute drive to work, if that long. the search continues.

oh yeah, and my family sucks. sometimes i really really despise them. example, we're a block away from my parent's house and my dad turns to me and says "john, are you going home or coming to our house?" well, since we're a block from your house i guess i'm going to yours. i walk in there and sit down, my great aunt asks how i am. "i'm tired and i want to go home." i should also mention that i have a head cold. my nose hurts and i have a sore throat. she asks what time i wake up. "7 or 8." my grandmother asks what time i went to bed. whatever answer i give i'll get the same response. if i say 10, if i say 2 am, it'll generate the same response. so i went with midnight. "paw. a young man like you shouldn't be tired. did you get that physical like i asked you? it could be your metabolism. or something's wrong with your thyroid." augh. alright, let me help tim carry some of their stuff outside. maybe that'll get me out of here quicker. tim had just left the garage door open and all of the little old ladies (3 of them, aunt, grandmother and mom's friend, joyce) were screaming "close the door! it's cold! close the door!" it was 58 out. felt great. next. so i pick some things up, go to open the door and next i hear "john! close the door!" being screamed by joyce. without raising my voice "i beg your pardon? i have to open the door to take this stuff out to the car." "well someone just left the door open. close it!" what? whatever you old coot. i'll wait outside. after that i stayed in the garage and waited. then just as we were leaving shayna was talking with rick & kirsten and my mom was in the background (wish she would stay there sometimes). i say to shayna "oh yeah, kirsten said she would've helped you with cleaning up but is feeling the way that i am (i.e. wanting to kill everyone around her)." she said her back was hurting and had a headache. "oh, you're sick too? people around here they think you should be 100% even when you're not." we were walking to the car when my mother, butting in where she shouldn't as per usual plus i think she was pissed that i didn't apologize to joyce or that i was rude to her or whatever, said "go to hell john." whatever. the biggest reason i was in such a bad mood was that i didn't get to play madden with tim. the only thing i was really looking forward to all weekend. hell i even bought the multitap thing in case my brothers wanted to play too. eh well. life goes on i suppose. and i'll have to see those knuckleheads i call family in a couple of months for easter.

but that time i'll be putting whiskey in my coffee.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

success! i went to appleone last week to give them my resume and get my feet in the water in terms of looking for a job. they called me on monday and said they had found me something. wow! that was fast. so tuesday i go to fill out all this paperwork for the client. it included grammar checks, spelling checks, math, etc. oh, and penmanship. true, true, i have phenomenal script, but they also wanted cursive. well after a few warm up sentences i scratched out the paragraph. it looked a 2nd grader had done it. i honestly can't remember the last time i used cursive. must not have been as bad as i thought because she called me today and said they want to interview me! rock. she said out of the 4 or 5 resumes they sent over it was just me they wanted to see. not to be cocky, but i kick ass. interview will be monday i think, since tomorrow is a jeans day at work and i don't want to miss out on that. updates as they occur...

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

this makes up for the schellacking kansas got last night.

this is equally funny.

Sunday, February 1, 2004

hahaha. people are going to be calling me crazy...or stupid. perhaps i am - like a fox! moowhaha!

see here's the thing. i'm going to be smoking me some ribs today. sure it sounds simple, but here's the catch. it's a freezing drizzle right now. by this evening it's supposed to be a freezing rain. overnight snow. at any rate, while i'm out there it'll be drizzling or whatever.

i'm a fanatic. what can i say?