Sunday, June 22, 2008

Even Good Guys Need a Break

I've had a layoff for a few months, forgive me for not upholding my new year's resolution.

So I'm downloading the DMB show from last night (6.21.08) and glancing at the comments over on This show is being highly touted as THE BEST so far this year - no songs from Everyday or Stand Up. Funny thing - on the front page of the first thing the writer (Jake) states is "...the online DMB fan is fickle at best." Truer words have never been spoken - my first instinct when I saw the setlist was "Wow, looks like a good show...if only they hadn't opened with Don't Drink the Water." Antsmarching keeps track of your stats - of the 45 shows I've been to, and let's not forget records that have been released, I've seen that song open at least 6 times. It wears on you. But if that's my only comment, again, not a shabby show.

What really prompted me to get back to my roots and this post was one of the comments on and words/phrases that people misuse over and over again and how nuts it makes me. Someone had this to say about the alleged best show so far this year-
"after hearing all of the comments it seems that this show will live in infamy for DMB fans... thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!"
Seriously, when we people look infamy up in the dictionary (and I've provided a link for those that need to know) and realize it means famous...FOR BAD REASONS, much like 9-11, Mussolini, Hussein, Everyday, I Did It, etc. Learn it, know it, live it.

And while I'm at it people, stop saying "I could care less" - really? Why? Why would you want to care less? On a non-grammatical topic, I really hate it when two cars are side by side in a 45 mph speed zone...and they're only going 40. One of you move and let me through!!! Drives me insane, no pun intended.

And now, I have to go cut grass, finish laundry and vaccuum upstairs. Peace out Cub Scouts.

p.s. That reminds me, I have quite and outdoors curse going for me. Last summer when I went to camp at the end of May it poured on Friday night. Shayna took me camping for my birthday - it poured Friday night (after we went to bed, but rain is rain). In March I went camping and it rained Sunday morning (and it was freezing but that really wasn't the problem, I had Oliver to keep me warm in the sleeping bag - I discovered unless he has a Nylabone or something to keep him occupied he's a Four Seasons kind of dog). Went camping again at the end of May (it's a Scout thing) and it rained on Saturday night. Thursday night I went down to camp with Dad for a ceremony...and no sooner had we gotten started, you guessed it, it started pouring monsoon-style. My streak's gotta break eventually, right?